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Parents, when was the last time that you made time for yourself to enjoy a game or sport?  I am not talking about bringing your kids to soccer practice or playing a little 1 on 1 game in the backyard.  I am asking when the last time YOU have put on those shoes or cleats for yourself.  When it comes down to it, us adults and parents tend to be more comfortable sitting on the sidelines, right?  The responsibilities that come with age are a given, but look what we do to make sure that our children are active and engaged.  We understand its worth it.  So shouldn’t it be worth it to make the same investment in ourselves, and with that, set an example to your youth.  Take that step and sign up for a league or a sport.  Get a group of friends, families or neighbors together.  Twin City Adult Sports is here for you and would love to see you on the fields or the courts.  We are kicking off our Soccer league next week and we have great opportunities ahead such as Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Basketball.  We would love to hear from you if we have not offered a sport, league or game that you may be interested in.  Please let us know! 

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