Our mission is to make a positive impact in our community through sport. Twin City Sports Association is proud to provide exciting and engaging programming opportunities for children (3-18) and also for adults throughout David and Forsyth counties

What is the Twins Way?
The goal of Twin City Youth Soccer Association is to provide all players the opportunity to play to their potential. We feel this mission can be accomplished through the Twins Way. The Twins Way is TCYSA’s commitment to the areas of Humility, Ambition, and Community. These areas are shown through our 3 main stakeholders in our club (Players, Coaches, and Parents).

The Twins Way & Twin City Youth Soccer Codes of Conduct TCYSA believes that a positive relationship between the 3 main members in its club (Players, Coaches, and Parents) will improve the chances of following its mission statement and fulfilling its vision. The club has developed certain codes of conduct for each of these members that serve as guidelines for their roles within the club. These codes of a conduct are a covenant between players, coaches and parents that are signed each year and agreed to by every TCYSA member.

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